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Being involved in the early stages of a project and during the development phase of rollouts, allows ARA | Servcore to maximise benefit to the plan, whilst also seeking to reduce costs wherever possible through innovative design and materials selection.

Our dedicated in-house project management teams are meticulously tailored to each project’s unique requirements, ensuring excellence in Fit Outs, Rollouts, and Refurbishment projects. We prioritise customer-centricity, aligning resources and expertise with your specific needs, resulting in successful outcomes that surpass expectations.

Our team can then offer further expertise in:

  • Integration with existing systems, standardising selection and sizing of equipment and removing duplication or other inefficiencies
  • Off -site staging and prefabrication
  • Cable selection and cable management
  • Co-ordinated commissioning schedules
  • Ongoing remote monitoring
  • Scheduled and on-call maintenance contracts
  • UPS installation & maintenance – including 24/7 monitoring and service level agreements
  • Product end-of-life management
  • Automation of the installation process

Fitouts: ARA | Servcore specialises in providing complete fitout solutions for businesses. From initial space planning to final execution, we offer a comprehensive package tailored to suit your requirements. We work with a diverse range of sectors, creating environments that inspire employees and impress clients.

Our fitout services include space planning and design, where we assess your premises, and designing the layout to maximise space efficiency. We also handle building works, including modifications to the internal structure to accommodate your design requirements. We manage installations of partitions, ceilings, floor finishes, electrical systems and data cabling.

Rollouts: Our rollout services focus on implementing new systems, technology, or upgrades across multiple sites concurrently. Whether it’s a new IT system, software upgrades, or retail display across various store locations, we ensure a smooth and consistent rollout. We start by understanding your specific needs and objectives, followed by comprehensive planning to align the rollout with your timeline and budget. We coordinate with all relevant stakeholders, ensuring the changes are implemented seamlessly and with minimum disruption to your business operations. Post-implementation, we provide training and support to help your team adapt to the new systems or setups quickly.

Refurbishments: At ARA | Servcore, we believe in transforming existing spaces into vibrant and efficient environments that breathe fresh life into your business. Whether your premises require a minor revamp or a major overhaul, we deliver refurbishment services that leave a lasting impression.

Our refurbishment process begins with an in-depth assessment of your existing space. We consider your desired changes, functional requirements, and aesthetic preferences. We then plan and design the refurbishments, keeping in mind the need for minimal disruption to your ongoing business operations. The refurbishment can involve structural modifications, installations, redecoration, and even replacement of furniture and equipment.

The premises will not only be aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional, creating an environment that motivates employees and appeals to clients.

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What we do 

Our Services 

Servcore provides a comprehensive range of services including equipment supply, installation, maintenance and emergency response options, which can be tailored to suit your business needs.


ARA | Servcore offers a broad range of maintenance services across various sectors. By emphasising preventive maintenance and quick response times, ARA | Servcore ensures your business operations run smoothly with minimal downtime.

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Fitouts, Rollouts & Refurbishments

Being invovled in the early stages of a project and during the development phase of rollouts, allows ARA | Servcore to maximise benefit to the plan, whilst also seeking to reduce costs wherever possible through innovative design and materials selection.

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Power Quality

ARA | Servcore deploys high quality power factor correction equipment and designs tailored solutions that best match clients’ needs based on a detailed analysis of your power bills, electrical installation and assessment of ROI calculations.

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We offer security system upgrades to incorporate the latest technology and enhance your overall security. This includes upgrading outdated CCTV cameras to high-definition or IP cameras, implementing biometric access control systems, and integrating AI capabilities for smarter surveillance.

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Internet of things

The capturing of data from all electrically aligned IoT sensors creates an information resource that when analysed by our electrical engineering specialists yields an opportunity for driving cost efficiency, reduced downtime and enhanced performance at all levels.

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Industry Specialisation

Servicing the critical environments of a wide range of customers within the retail, aged-care and data centres/IT sectors throughout Australia and New Zealand 

ara-sector-Data centres/IT

Data centres/IT

ARA | Servcore’s strength in supplying and installing data centre infrastructure Australia-wide is reinforced by our adherence to international ISO Standards in the areas of safety and quality.



By offering a diverse portfolio of services tailored to the unique demands of retail, ARA | Servcore supports businesses in enhancing customer experience, optimising operations, and leveraging the latest technologies.



Through collaboration, innovation, and a profound respect for the dignity of those in their care, ARA | Servcore is shaping a more compassionate, efficient, and sustainable aged-care industry.